I am an experienced camera person who can direct a scene as well as light it. I'm also a designer and copywriter with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. I am confident in shooting products, food, people, and stories. Designing and writing copy for branding, packaging materials, and other materials, has unintentionally been a backseat driver for a good chunk of my professional career. With this, I also do a lot of work in videos, usually in commercials, digital content, corporate videos, and music videos.

I currently work full time in NuWorks Interactive as a Senior Editor as well as work as a Creative Marketing Consultant with DVF Dairy Farm, Inc. on a part time basis. As a Senior Editor in NuWorks, I primarily work in Content Production of video requirements of clients. As a Creative Marketing Consultant, I strategize and produce content needed to execute campaigns effectively.

A versatile and fast learner, I am used to multi-tasking, so I make sure that my tasks are well-thought of, organized, and done effectively.  I don’t like cutting too close to a deadline and I understand the good that collaboration does in a project. I casually practice the art of capoeira and I love word, logic, and spatial puzzles.


A friend once told me, “You, my dear, are far too interesting.”

So maybe, it’s best to get to know me over a drink!


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